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Get the kids into PCs young…

Posted by IVB on March 31, 2007

Daddy just built a (slow and old but they won’t know) computer for the kids, installed some new games for them, and built them their own CQC screen!  Obviously very work-in-progress, but i’ve been at it for 9 hours now (including 3 runs to compusa because the dang scavenging didn’t work out quite like planned)…
Look what they’re going to see when they wake up. It all works too.  (the notepad is because my 5yr old has taken to writing long rambling stories, and we’re seriously running out of paper…)

I’m automatically booting the PC into fullscreen CQC mode, even though it’s a locked down PC.  The games are starting over the CQC screen, so when they exit, CQC is back. Not easy to get to the desktop (unless they know to press that button on the top right, and i’m not telling).  That way there’s as little temptation as possible.


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