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Well, that kids PC certainly went over well…

Posted by IVB on March 31, 2007

Well, the kids were certainly excited this am. My wife warned me that they would fight over it, but my approach is that rather than get them 2 of everything, I intentionally get them 2 different things and force them to share.  I also kicked them off after they started fighting over it 20mins in, and told them they could come back “when you’re holding hands and talking nicely to each other, like sisters are supposed to”.

Here’s a picture of the physical install. There’s not nearly enough pink to suit them, they want to get a pink mousepad, and I promised them i’d spray paint the monitor frame pink after 30 days, once the dust had settled. (no, not joking!).  You’ll note that I got a 15″ LCD with VESA mounting. I picked up a $35 articulating arm mount off eBay, it’s pretty decent. moves eery which way. They can push it back when not in use.

I accept that they might break the LCD, but they’re both girlie girls, so the odds are low. Plus, I need to stop shielding them and let them make their own mistakes, although that’s certainly a hard thing for a father of 2 girls to do 🙂



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