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Kodicomm out, AverMedia NV5000 in.

Posted by IVB on April 6, 2007

Well it’s official. I’ve sold my Kodicomm DVR card, and today I ordered the AverMedia NV5000 plus 4channel extender from CollinR over at LowVoltageSolutions.  He’s a professional CCTV guy over on cocoon who’s clearly forgotten more about CCTV’s than I’ll ever know.  After discussing my needs with him, it seemed that the NV5000 was the appropriate card for my needs.

It cost me a bit more than the grey-market Kodicom, but given that it’s: 1) legit, and 2)recommended by a pro, i’m feeling pretty good about it.

He’s got some real interesting recommendations on using the looping capability to feed the stream into SageTV, and we’ll research the ability to use any SageClient (ie MediaMVP) to display the camera stream.

I’ve also begun ordering the pieces to rebuild my CCTV server using a full intel northbridge/southbridge PC. I’m holding off on the CPU until 4/22 as that’s when Intel is supposed to cut prices on the Core2Duo line.  I’ll use the one PC for SageTV Server & CCTV Server duties, and put an E6400 in it so I can do HD transcoding on-the-fly for my MediaMVP.  When the HD extender comes out, that won’t be needed, but given that I have another C2D in the house, I figure I should standardize on it.


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