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Revamped my PDA UI, plus worked on wiring & the concerto

Posted by IVB on April 14, 2007

I started out my day off attempting to swap out some switches for zWave, only to find that the electrician who wired up this house had a sense of humor again. I have never seen such screwed up wiring.  It just doesn’t make logical sense.  After 45 minutes, I admitted defeat, and told my wife I’d have to call in a licensed electrician for the 6 remaining zWave switches that need to be installed.

Then, I spent most of the rest of the day testing/rewiring one of my unpowered Concerto zones, and had issues every way I turned. No matter what I did, there was no sound. First I thought the equipment wasn’t working, then it was my wiring, then back to the equipment. I swapped damn well near everything out. Turns out I had TWO bad mini->RCA cables. But that’s still not all – Sherbourn decided to make the 12V trigger and signal sensing only work with their “input B”, which is supposed to be an override type input for paging/etc.  Of course, it says that in the manual AND on the back of the amp, but god forbid I do that.  I didn’t even think to read the fine print as I figured it’d be a standard setup. I want those 4 hours of my life back.

So after needing to take 5 hours just to get one thing done, I went somewhere I knew I’d have luck: Interface Editing. I’ve been using the PPC/DotNetViewer a little more lately, not for any real reason.  I decided that while the menus were fine for the wife, there’s no need for me to navigate around so much.  I came up with an “expert” screen which will be my initial screen, the wife rarely uses it so it’s cool.

Here it is. You’ll notice I jammed everything on the one screen, and generally lined up the lights on/off button with the motion indicator for that room. I also put in the outside & inside temps.  I’ve got more temp sensors than that, but I really don’t care about any more than just one room.



2 Responses to “Revamped my PDA UI, plus worked on wiring & the concerto”

  1. roman said


    I plan to setup similiar killer system like you have.
    If possible with current level of integration?
    1) I looking TV/Show/mp4 movie via MVP (or MVP HD) device
    2) somebody come and ring the door.
    3) the video pause, and show face of somebody who rang
    4) after 2-3 sec appears menu on the screen that allow me open door.
    5) after open door – the movie resume

    if that possible?

  2. IVB said

    Not sure if you’re the one who just joined & posted this question on the site, but in case you weren’t:

    In theory, you might be able to do some if not all of that, but using an MVP makes life harder. Those are inherently uncontrollable devices.

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