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I have the holy grail of HT/HA: Integrated DVR & HA screens.

Posted by IVB on April 20, 2007

I got what boys like, I got what boys want – my holy grail of integrated HA/HT! I’ve been salivating about this for 14 months – the ability to use a custom UI to control *everything* I do. I had it all except SageTV, and now I have that!

Here’s my sageTV recordings, viewable and playable directly from within a custom built CQC UI, where I have receiver/any other device control on the same page!

Thank you thank you thank you to SageTV for having an open API. There’s 2 other folks working on creating this same functionality for MythTV and VMC, but Sage won because of that exact reason.

The driver is still in alpha, so all the recorded detail isn’t yet available (ie, see the show description, recorded time, etc, before you play), but the ability to use one of the major DVR players (ie, SageTV, MCE,¬† or VMC) to display info on a custom UI with HA controls is a major major leap forward!

The watch show button immediately starts playing the show within sage, no menu browsing necessary.



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