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More DVR visibility from my HA system, and there’s endless possibilities

Posted by IVB on April 22, 2007

Life just gets better and better. Not only did beelzerob hook me up with the recording details, he got me the upcoming recording schedule too!



And, I have just had the most brilliant realization – this opens up that TV integration that I was contemplating several months back.  for example, pure visibility from any of my touchpanels is only the beginning. Now that I have access to this data, there’s other things I can do given that I’m using a fullblown HA engine.  For example, one very real thing is that if the doorbell or telephone rings and I’m watching TV and:

1) the TV show category is *not* childrens, and
2) The callerid isn’t on some form of blocking rules I come up with, and
3) Timeslot is within certain parameters THEN

pause the TV show automatically so I can deal with the interruption.

Ok, maybe those rules aren’t exactly correct, but you get the point.  True integration across house subsystems is not a good thing, it is the best of things.


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