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Avermedia CCTV is in the house!

Posted by IVB on April 26, 2007

Two things happened today, both CCTV related:

1) I assembled my new Core2Duo system, which will house both SageTV and AverMedia, as well as (hopefully) the database server.

What happens when you use a legit piece of hardware (AverMedia NV5000) & software? You spend all of 15 minutes setting it up! (well, the CCTV bit anyhow). That includes both the server software and the PDA bit.

2) I went out for dinner. When I got there, I got a page from NextAlarm telling me the house had been armed & disarmed with my code. I was a little perturbed as I had left the house 90 minutes beforehand, but the timestamp was 2 minutes beforehand.  I quickly pulled up CQC on the PDA, noticed the Elk was still armed. I pulled up the cameras, realized all was good, resumed fun.

yet again proof that the value-add of PDA control may not be in actually controlling your devices (although I did forget the lights off, so I had to turn those on via the phone), but will definitely help in the piece of mind arena.

Here’s a pic of how it looks on the PC. Obviously this screencap isn’t going to work long-term, but after long last i’ve got my CCTV back, *and* I can easily minimize this application and run whatever else I want. CollinR of LowVoltageSolutions (the dude who is helping me with this) is working with me to modify the html code to make it a little cleaner.  Let’s hope that all works out fine.


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