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AverMedia won’t play nice with SageTV

Posted by IVB on April 30, 2007

Well, when you’re on the bleeding edge, you tend to get bloody. My god did I get bloody over the past 2 days.

Rather than go through all the painful, bloody, gory, icky, maddening, idiotic details, I’ll net this out and spare you all.
A) The AverMedia software WILL NOT work if you have *any* other tuner cards in the system other than the NV5000.
B) The AverMedia software WILL NOT work with AMD cpus.

of course, A+B=
C) You CANNOT use the same machine for AverMedia CCTV and SageTV. 
But there is good news:
D) You CAN use the same machine for AverMedia CCTV and CQC master server.
E) The NV5000 TV-out loop works just fine, and I plugged it into a PVR250 so [u]I can now pull up the CCTVs through SageTV[/u]. Most importantly, I can do it via the MVP too, so now i can pull that up on any TV.  I gotta learn how to use that remote, so I can just punch in the channel # if i’m watching TV to see who’s at the door.
F) JKMonroe is tackling the rfID, small cheap tablets, and other stuff, so at least I won’t get bloody everywhere. (ok, maybe that’s just good news for me)

Basically, I ended up playing a massive game of musical chairs, and swiped the new PC i built for the kids. After hours of bleeding (literally too, i scraped a metal thingey with my wrist and bled on the basement floor), my setup is now:

CQC Master Server plus AverMedia CCTV:
– Intel D865GLC motherboard, 2.8GHz cpu, and 1GB of DDR400 RAM. 250GB for CCTV recording, 200GB disk for a “backup” partition although that’s way overkill
– Moxa card, internal PCI modem,AverMedia means i’m maxed out on damn PCI slots!

SageTV Server plus MS SQL Server Express:
– E6600, 1GB RAM.
– 2 PVR250’s (1 for D*, 1 for the CCTV inbound), 1 VBox (HD). No more PCI slots here either!

Kids PC:
– AMD2500. Good to know that Caillou and Clifford games seem to work fine so far.

I’m beat. Thank god i’m taking this week off work. It’s 2pm, I went to bed at 2:30am, up at 8am, i haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and there’s 14 neighbors coming to a little “how-to” seminar i’m having for CCTV setup tonight.  It is abundantly clear that I need to get a beer immediately.


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