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Dang, CQC is now partnered with AutomatedOutlet.com, and will be at EHX

Posted by IVB on April 30, 2007

Sorry for printing a press release, but this is pretty huge. CQC & AO are entering a partnership, heck AO already has the first CQC/hardware combo up on their site.  And, CQC will be in the EHX show with Automated Outlet.

Guess I should now think about going to EHX so I can check it out for myself 🙂


Charmed Quark Systems Signs Automated Outlet as Exclusive Reseller

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, May 1, 2007 –  Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd., a leading vendor of software-based home automation systems, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to make Automated Outlet, Inc. the exclusive reseller of the home version of its CQC software automation suite.

Charmed Quark System’s flagship product, “CQC”, is a network distributed, scaleable, software based control and automation application suite that provides robust, flexible, and cost effective control of lighting, HVAC, security, home theater, media data, and other systems.

With the growing interest in media management as an adjunct to traditional home automation, CQC’s use of the PC platform gives it the power to combine a networked media server and automation system into a single software package that integrates web based information sources.
Dean Roddey, Charmed Quark’s Chairman/CTO indicates that “Automated Outlet’s high level of visibility to the ‘do it yourself’ automation market, and their excellent reputation in that market, makes them an obvious choice as the exclusive channel for our DIY automation products, while simplifying life for our DIY customers by providing them with a single point of contact for the purchase of CQC as well as the many accessories that they would use with it.”

“The addition of CQC to our lineup will provide our customer base with a truly networked software solution for their home automation needs,” said Martin Custer, president of Automated Outlet, based in Lewisville, Texas, “while at the same time being able to provide the software and hardware support needed to fully implement their system.”
Software pricing on the CQC suite will remain the same but new promotional packages including hardware components will soon be offered.

About Charmed Quark Systems:
Founded in 2003, Charmed Quark Systems (http://www.CharmedQuark.com) is a leading provider of home control software based Mountain View, CA. Our CQC product provides users with a software solution that is robust, flexible, and scalable for cost effective control of lighting, HVAC, security, home theater, media data, and other systems.

About Automated Outlet:
Founded in 2002, Automated Outlet (www.automatedoutlet.com) is a distributor of home automation, lighting control and security products to the residential and commercial markets. Automated Outlet sells to both the retail market and also through its well established distribution channel of dealers. The company’s on-line catalog can be found at www.AutomatedOutlet.com. For more information please call (214) 245-4594.


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