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Well, HD streaming to the MVP works fine now

Posted by IVB on May 5, 2007

My god I seriously hate technology at times.

I’ve been fighting with my new E6600 Server to stream HD to my MVP’s.  I set all the damn filters, I made sure I had 64K drive units, everything. Turns out that all my testing coincidentally has been with video recorded on my 250GB IDE. I thought I noticed some slowness today, so I physically checked to find a recording that was on my 400GB SATA with the 16MB cache.

Turns out it streams fine, at least with my sample run of 1 10second clip just now, off that SATA.  I’m going to rip out the IDE, spit on it, and never have it besmirch my existence again. Don’t know why it’s so slow, don’t care.

And in another big angst, the serial port decided to stop tuning the DTV box decided today. Oy, I hate this new server!  I doubt its the DTV box  or SageTV, but i’ll try that tomorrow. I’ve got no more PCI slots in it to try another serial port, i’ll have to sleep on it and decide what to do.  I don’t really feel like buying a USB->Serial adapter just to try this elsewhere, no energy to try another mobo, clearly I just need more to drink.


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