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Latest interesting Whole House Audio ideas

Posted by IVB on May 8, 2007

Some interesting movements lately in the whole house audio area:

1) Outdoor Audio: With all the *fabulous* weather we’ve been having on the West Coast, we’ve been spending darn near every day in the backyard.  That light switch I rigged up on the patio, run to the Elk has been a runaway success. For those of you who weren’t following, flipping that switch has CQC automatically set XM to channel 20, turn on the patio zone, set a specified volume. Sure, we’d love the ability to switch stations or pick a CD, but when we’re actually sitting on the patio it takes a lot of energy to walk the 10′ inside the house to change stations, and channel 20 is “good enough” for background listening 99% of the time when we just don’t feel like moving.

2) Audio w/keypads: Mounting those cheap $125 eBay’ed Concerto Keypads was also a great idea. We listen to the music *much more* in the 2nd tier rooms (ie bathroom), and find ourselves and the kids being just a little happier in the mornings as the kids like to “dance on their clothes” (basically wiggle their bottoms to the music while putting on their pants).  Hey, they’re 5 & 3, it’s the simple fun things in the morning that make life smoother. Considering it used to take acts of god, screaming, and crying to make them wear their clothes, we’re digging that.

3) Newest Interesting Whole House Audio Idea: Given that we only use 1 of the 4 M-Audio analog pairs, i’m going to use 2 or 3 of the remaining pairs to “mock up my own stations. I’ll setup multiple instances of the CQC audio player (no need for zoomplayer anymore), and continuously broadcast “Classic Rock that IVB likes” on source #2, approved kids music (ie, certain J.T. songs, Kelly Clarkson, etc)  on source #3, perhaps “R&B/Soul/Rap that the wife likes” on source #4.  That way we can just use the keypads source buttons to quickly select those sources in case we ever get sick of XM but don’t feel like walking 20′ to the touchscreen to change the songs.


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