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Intel mobo recommendation, plus some success

Posted by IVB on May 13, 2007

What a nice weekend I’ve had.  Well, mixed results, but still movement.

The good

I just had the absolute *smoothest* motherboard install i’ve ever had, so much so that i’m going to specifically recommend this Intel 965P Core2Duo motherboard ( http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16813121052 ) for anyone looking for something nice, simple, stable, and with RAID0+1 and RAID5 on the mobo to boot.

I got it for my SageTV server. I was able to put 5 SATA drives in, and in a matter of literally seconds after the first power-up, set it up so that SATA0 was the boot, 1-3 were the 500GB sata that I wanted in a RAID5, and SATA4 was a 400GB I wanted as standalone.  It all just worked.

Plus I migrated my SageTV server over and it started up just fine. I can watch OTA digital on the MVP, still can’t do HD transcoding on the fly. I’m contemplating migrating to SageTV 6.1 which I heard solves many issues, but 24 is on tomorrow night so I may hold off until Thursday (after American Idol/etc).

I was also able to use a PVR500, with 1 input for the CCTV, and 1 input for the DirecTV.
The Bad
I still can’t get the D* STB to tune, but i’ve now clearly proven that it’s either the cable or the STB.  I believe i’m at the latest firmware, but i’ll force-check tomorrow. I’ve currently only got HBO enabled, so at least I can watch Sopranos and Entourage.

I also still can’t get the damn DataLogDB driver to work with mySQL. Works just fine with SQLServer Express, but I want to start making some progress against the myhomecookingpc.com stuff. It’s simple to move mySQL databases around, no way to move SSE db’s around in an automated fashion. I guess I could have 2 db engines up & running (one for datalogdb, one for myhomecookingpc.com), as it is a Core2Duo box, but that just seems so wasteful.

And, another sad note, we’ve had 3 incidents of crime in the local vicinity in the past 7 days. Rather than wait for me to run wire to the windows for the sensors, I just ordered the new Elk wireless receiver (out Tuesday), and a crapload of wireless sensors. I also got some keyfobs, so I’ll be able to do keychain control of CQC shortly.  That’ll be nice (ie, turn on lights and turn up heat on the push of a button). I may also replace the outer doors, in which case I may do an electric strike for the same thing.

So, even more movement into the advanced areas.


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