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$100 MediaMVP’s are externally controllable!

Posted by IVB on May 16, 2007

On an upnote that could potentially have a *huge* impact, someone on the SageTV forums showed me to you can remotely control the $100 MVP!

Whoa! I had no idea. I never touch the server, never bothered installing the webserver there until tonight. (i use it on the sagetvclient).

If beelzerob can find a way to control a $100 MVP via CQC, then this changes everything, and (in my mind) suddenly thrusts SageTV into a very very strong position vis-a-vis any other DVR package, including Vista.  It would be simple to a handful of MVPs in a central location, and have truly zero equipment in a room for control.

Check it out. this is via the SageTV web server, but if he can figure out how to do this via native CQC widgets, then I think what you get for $700 just got noticeably noticeably better.  No more $300 xBox360’s.



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