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My recent on-the-road HA usage

Posted by IVB on May 21, 2007

Thought I’d let you all know how the remote capabilities have been helping me lately.

I’ve pulled up CQC on the PDA quite often lately from the office/road/etc.  90% of the time it was via the webserver as I can get that up within probably 3-4seconds over Cingular’s network and given that it was just me, text was fine. 10% of the time I wanted control so I used the DotNetViewer, as I don’t know or want to learn CML which is required for control via the webserver, plus I have zero desire to open up firewall ports for http traffic controlling my house:

Here’s what I did:
1) See if the wife is home, cuz she’s not answering her cell or the house phone and we’re trying to arrange for logistics for roughly 19K random events in the next month.
2) Wife asked me to check on who called last night as we were expecting an important call and the dimwit hadn’t called us before we had to go. (the extent of our phone integration – if we had a call, we’d just call the house to see if there was a message).
3) Disarm the security system so one of our “less than intelligent” friends could go get something from our house (he has a spare key) without tripping the alarm like he did last time.
4) Start a DVD for the babysitter who barely understands how to turn a TV on. She’s smart enough to put a DVD in a drive, but I swear the teeny-bopper is baffled by the concept of a stereo system, and I weep for the future.

Furthermore, we’ve also noticed that the wife’s 3G cellphone isn’t necessarily that much faster than mine. Even pulling up regular web pages seems to take quite a long time, much much longer than a PC.  We ran some tests with them side-by-side, phone got dusted each time, not sure if it’s a firmware issue or just network slowness.


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