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Super-fast mounting of Elk M1XRF and wireless window sensors

Posted by IVB on May 25, 2007

And another very productive day. I got the Elk wireless M1XRF, and inside of 3.5 hours I had added it onto the Elk system, and mounted [url=http://www.automatedoutlet.com/product.php?productid=400&cat=0&page=1]15 wireless recessed window sensors[/url] and added them into the ElkRP & panel! And in true DIY fashion, I only broke one sensor (don’t ask), and only needed gorilla glue on three windows (don’t tell wife).

I still have all these damn wired recessed window sensors that I was going to use, but I just didn’t have anymore time plus we’ve now had 10 muggings or armed robberies in 10 weeks in the general vicinity and we wanted more protection quicker. (police crackdown in downtown basically pushed crime out to the outlying areas.)

I also found out the Elk has three arming modes: Away, Stay, and Night. I put some of the windows into the Night mode, so we can open/close them during the day if the Elk happens to be in Stay mode. I don’t actually know how to use the Elk Keypad to put it into “Night” mode, but I know how to do that through CQC so I may just stick with a screen to do that.

I played around with the overview screen, here’s what I got. I’m contemplating adding an “ArmStay” and an “ArmNight” button with the security code hardcoded so I don’t need a keypad, but not sure how smart an idea that is.



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