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Baby steps towards Voice Recognition inside CQC

Posted by IVB on June 5, 2007

Hoho!  I got a Gentner AP800 mic mixer/cancellation system off eBay for <$100 shipped plus a Crown half-supercardoid mic for another $75 to see if VR is really as awful as everyone says.It came with Firmware v1.00, I just upgraded it to Firmware V2.40, and I can connect via HyperTerminal!  Not too bad for the pittance of a cost.

Of course, the mic hasn’t gotten here yet, let’s hope the AP800 actually works, and not just via the serial port. The protocol looks pretty dead bang simple, except for the pesky pick a mic # for each command otherwise i’d be able to bang out a PDL driver for CQC within a few mandays. I say mandays as I have that security 101 thing on Sat, plus a boatload of day job work this week, so i’m not sure how much time i’ll have to brush up on my PDL skills. I haven’t touched PDL since last Jan, 16 months is a long time to forget that which I didn’t really know too well in the first place. Plus I don’t really know how to best deal with commands when everyone is in a format where each command has 2 values (1 is channel#, 1 is value, null means you want to read), so I’ll have to ask questions there.

Regardless, let’s see if I can get an AP800 driver for CQC done in 4-6 weeks. Of course, that’s a loooong way from actually doing any VR, but at least being able to control the mixer is step 1. Step 2 is figuring out how to get a command to CQC, if I could figure out what the hell Nuance/DragonNaturallySpeaking meant by some of the jargon on their page I might look into that.

JKMonroe is tightening up the RFid stuff inside CQC, i’m looking more into VR, all I need is help with the recipe db and outlook contacts/callerID db lookup driver, and we’ll all be able to start doing some seriously cool HA stuff 🙂


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