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Oh thank god, DirecTV tuning is back.

Posted by IVB on June 6, 2007

Ah, there’s no such thing as a problem that money can’t solve!

Tuning on my DirecTV has been down for 3 weeks ever since I had the power outage thing. Looks like it was the PatersonTech cable, I bought a 2nd one, just got it, plugged it in, it works fine!  I just sent them a note asking them how to deal with fixing the old one.

The wife will be very happy – 3 weeks of only one channel of DirecTV (i left it on, with only HBO enabled) made her very sad.

Of course, now that I got a 2nd paterson cable, once it gets fixed I really should just get the 2nd D* STB and have 2 SDTVs recording at once. And I could get an HDHomerun, and get 2 more HDTV streams.

Plus, now that Squintz agreed to do the AP800 driver, looks like that’ll actually get done on a timely basis too.  Things are looking up in the IVB household!


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