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How i’ll use the elk keyfob arm/disarm, and prox reader…

Posted by IVB on June 9, 2007

Nothing like spending hours to stand still outcome-wise. well, not entirely still:

I had to disable the maglock last weekend when I moved the Elk expander to the basement. The wife has actually grown to prefer it as it gives us one additional level of security, and really didn’t like not having it. I could have just rerun the wire to the other location, but the current conduit is nearly out of space and, in hindsight, not in the best location.  I put in a 2nd conduit, although I could only fit a 1″ pipe due to some random stud positioning. Then I reran the wiring for the maglock and got it up & running.

I’m going to link that output to the keyfob I got, plus that might be how we end up using the prox reader I bought but haven’t yet mounted. I don’t feel comfortable linking the actual Elk to the arm/disarm of a keyfob or a prox reader, but enabling & disabling that maglock might be just the ticket.


2 Responses to “How i’ll use the elk keyfob arm/disarm, and prox reader…”

  1. Trey said

    So do you have Crystal four button keyfob’s, and if so, how are you using them currently – I’d lke to share with you some of the multi-actions that I have assigned to my keyfob buttons, and maybe get further ideas from you as well.

  2. IVB said

    Yeah, i’ve got the Crystal 4-button ones. I currently just use them to lock/unlock the magdoors, plus the lighting button turns on the interior lights. I’m not sure yet how else I would use them – what are you doing?

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