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Very primitive Voice Recognition in CQC

Posted by IVB on June 10, 2007

Tee Hee Hee, lookie ma, behold the power of my voice! No hands!

Well, I have 10% accuracy to turn my lights on with a ludicriously simple “lights” command using a $10 VRCommander package (i’m on the free trial as I didn’t want to pony up the $10) and a cheap $15 computer headset/mic.  I can’t get it to recognize “lights off” but “lights on” and “lights” seem to work.

It was all pretty righteously simple, albeit highly inaccurate and pretty fragile. I setup a keymapping in CQC so that it would turn on the lights on a shift-F2, then I setup a command in VRCommander so that when I said “lights on” it would send S-F2 to CQC.

Pretty simplistic, but 2 points of issues so far:
1) VRCommander can’t understand “lights off”, but it can understand “lights on”. But this is from a headset 2″ from my mouth, and I ain’t walkin around with that.
2) In order to do a keystroke command from within CQC, either the Admin Interface or the Interface Viewer needs to have focus. This has a ramification on which PC I put the AP800 at as the HTPC will obviously have video running, and I wouldn’t want the whole VR system to be down just because of that.

#2 isn’t a huge issue, as the server is headless so it letting the AI be the focus program isn’t a problem, but it is point of failure.

Anyhow, i’m just mucking around anyhow until the AP800 driver gets done, at which point i’ll try something better than a $15 headset. I may also see if I can find someone who has Dragon Preferred to see if it can translate a voice command into a keystroke (ie, shift-F2).

But it was geeky cool to see the lights turn on by the sound of my voice 🙂

Here’s 2 screenshots first is of VRCommander, second is CQC.




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