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RFID is working, AP800 making good strides

Posted by IVB on June 15, 2007

well, momentum seems to be maintaining.

I got RFID working (woohoo!).  Seriously simple too, just plug in the RFID receiver to the PC, put 2 AAA batteries in the transmitter (probably about the size of 4-5 of them total. The CQC driver records the tag id, and allows you to rename it.

Plus, the alpha test of the AP800 driver worked fine, so that’s cool too!

Here’s the only pic I got of the RFID stuff. I’m going to have to muck with positioning & placement as i’m only getting 15′ off it, which is barely enough for me to reach the dining room. I need another 20ish feet, then I can use it to tell if i’m home or not. I can put on “coming home” routines based on who’s home, and who just arrived (after door is opened, that is).



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