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So you installed a zWave network. Now what?

Posted by IVB on July 3, 2007

If anyone is interested, I submitted the below article, just got put into zWaveWorld.


Here’s an excerpt:


So You Installed a Z-Wave Network, Now What?
By Vivek

If your situation is anything like mine, once you get the whole Z-Wave setup working reliably and show it to your spouse, they’ll say something like: “That’s nice, but what was wrong with using the light switches and the $5 automatic timers with the floor lamps?” I know the various Z-Wave manufacturers have been putting more intelligence into their controllers lately, but there are limits to what you’ll be able to do.

That is, unless you consider moving more into true Home Automation (HA). By Home Automation, I mean integration with non-Z-Wave systems to accomplish functionality that your spouse will appreciate including being able to:


One Response to “So you installed a zWave network. Now what?”

  1. Z-wave said

    Hehe, I know exactly what you mean re: spouse reaction to home automation… Somehow all the blood, sweat and tears are lost on them when some little thing like the kitchen lighting doesn’t work… šŸ˜‰

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