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keypad in MBR turned out to be smaaart

Posted by IVB on July 13, 2007

What an interesting, if a little ironic, night last night. I had just fallen asleep at 12:15am when the Elk went off (night mode).  The wife was finishing up a book, so she was up. Thankfully I had put a keypad in the MBR, so I went right to it to see which zone was violated. I then handed my wife the golf club (5wood) that we keep in the MBR and told her to go to the kids room.  I decided to bum-rush the 1 inside door leading to the room so as to take any intruder by surprise.

Thankfully no one was inside the house, but I did make NextAlarm stay on the phone with me as I checked it out ( the guy was great – very understanding). The huge bummer is that due to the rewiring, the camera pointed right at that window wasn’t connected up  (since fixed). Hence, we couldn’t tell if it was a false alarm or not from inside the house, and i wasn’t about to go outside to check for marks.  The one thing I can think of is that I hosed off that particular windowsill pretty hard with the nozzle in “jet” mode, perhaps that interfered with the wireless sensors somehow. I’ll check the outer window for jimmy marks tomorrow, forgot today.

Anyway, my lessons learned are:
– keypad in MBR has already proven to be a *very* valuable thing, and the wife is now very happy that it is there. Seriously, she high-fived me and said “ok, THAT was a good idea.”
– variety of speakers throughout the house are also good, as it can undoubtedly alert any intruder as to detection
– Having a “process” that me/wife understand and agree to in event of issue is also good. 
– 2 golf clubs in the MBR is a good idea, so I don’t have to grab the steak knife en-route to the point of intrusion


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