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HT led me to HA, led me to HR (home repair)

Posted by IVB on August 5, 2007

Interesting thing, this HA journey, and interesting places it’s led me.

I took a half-day off yesterday, had this burning desire not to shop at newegg (haven’t bought parts in weeks/months), not to muck with my interfaces or rules (haven’t touched screens or event engine in months), but to go to Home Depot and get some plywood, romex, and junction boxes for the basement server rewiring.  Initially I was just going to put up walls, but then decided that running the physical romex wasn’t that big a deal, I’d just get an electrician in to examine my stapling and do the terminations both at the box and at the panel. Oh, and maybe a fan. And a light.

Today, my in-laws decided to recruit me to help do some *very* simple work at their house. Replacing light fixtures, switches, outlets, etc.  I figured that would be simple and maybe 2 hours of work, esp after what i’ve been through, and given that their house was totally redone 25 years ago.  Well wouldn’t you know it, they picked the one room that hadn’t been touched in many decades, so that sucked up the whole day.

Anyhow, the point i’m trying to make is that dipping my toe into the HA pool led me to basic home wiring led me to basic home repair and has now led me to intermediate home repair. There have been some very interesting CQC developments, esp with the V2.2 that’s going G/A this week, but i’m still more interested in running that romex than integrating my iTunes with that new driver.

Normal people would have gone the other way, doing the wiring first, then going from there but there weren’t really any DIY’ers around 22ish months ago when I started down this road doing HA/HT and talking about it so I suppose the organic growth option has been entertaining.


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