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Camera Back-boxes, zWave improvements

Posted by IVB on November 30, 2007

I did 2 things this past weekend, one interesting, one frustrating.

1) I got a backbox from CollinR @LowVoltageOnline for the bosch 540line variable-focus, variable-zoom bosch camera that I bought from AutomatedOutlet.com , and I finally mounted it. The backbox made it look very clean on a surface-mount, check out the pic.

This was the frustrating thing though – the issue with variable focus, variable zoom is that you have to, well, focus&zoom it.  I keep forgetting to take a picture during the day, and to take a snapshot from the recording would mean I have to go downstairs as it’s god-awful-slow over VNC. I’ll get to that someday when I remember, but it’s currently much crappier than my 480L Vitek camera.  Oh well.


2) I added 2 more zWave switches to my setup: One in the basement, and one in the pic above, just outside the back door. You’ll notice I had to use a screw-in module as i have no 3rd wire, plus the lamp cover now doesn’t fit as it’s too dang long but the wife is stoked she gets to go shopping for a new cover.

Here’s the surprising thing though – both the crawlspace & backdoor are on one side of the house, but suddenly the front-porch switch works *much* faster than it did before. It used to take 1.5s or so to turn on after pressing either the Elk keypad button or the touchscreen. It’s been <1s, sometimes damn well near immediate, for 4 days now.

I know zWave is a mesh network, but I have to admit a little surprise that something on the other side of the mesh is faster. Perhaps that basement switch actually makes it to the other side faster than the 1st floor switches, and the routing table is taking that path.

Interesting stuff…


One Response to “Camera Back-boxes, zWave improvements”

  1. That for yours insight.
    What ZWave switches are you using?

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