IVB\’s Home Theater and Home Automation

You don\’t have to spend a lot for that smarthome.


I'm turning my home into a smarthome using a DoItYourself approach to keep the costs shockingly low, and to keep the functionality shockingly high. And when I mean low, I mean this hasn't cost me much $$ at all.

With my HT/HAPC system, I can do:
– Whole House Audio/Video distribution [any song or any tv show or any DVD in any room at any time]
– Irrigation Control
– Heating
– Doorbell detection (pause the TV/DVD/music if the doorbell rings and popup a "doorbell ringing" window, in case you didn't hear it)
– Telephone detection (if the phone rings, same as above)
– Beginning to integrate Security & Fire/Smoke/CO detection into the system.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. David Donovan said

    I saw some information on some programming you did for the polk XRt12 – I was curious on the companies view of posting the rs232 commands – I am trying to write a short web article of a project with the XRt12 that I did, but was contemplating their view on the commands after signing a NDA. I intent to send them the article first, but was curious on their response if any to your experience.

  2. IVB said

    Sorry, just noticed this comment.

    As I recall, the commands are available on their website in the product manual, so it’s already in the public domain. Not sure why they’d care, it’s not like they reveal anything about the engineering of the product.

    Especially as the commands are so….basic.

  3. Scott (Dirtracinfan) said

    HEY IVB,I finally recieved my ZPR68-10 of ebay.MY problem is I don’t know how to Interface it.xantech says you can use a program called procomm.I have talked to you many times about advice and still stuck on what to do.I RECENTLY BOUGHT A ONKYO REC THAT IS rs232 CONTROLED AND MY DIRECTV HAS A RS232 port,and myzpr68.I don’t know if I should buy keypads and set the system as per xantech,or buy CQC and some tablet pc’s.I don’t know how much of CQC I need to do this Don’t really have an extra 800.00 laying around.any way I just want to control my zpr68-10 thanks for all your help. Scott

  4. IVB said

    Hmmm. If you “only” want to control the ZPR, and don’t mind the way the keypads look, I’d definitely advise going down that route. Very simple, very easy to setup. You could even control your other equipment over IR with the Xantech IR stuff, but I don’t know too much about that.

    I’ve got a few rooms where I was contemplating putting in keypads as I’m forbidden from putting in touchscreens, but I personally didn’t like the look&feel of the keypads that Xantech has for the ZPR. Plus, they’re kinda expensive, I may as well get small PPC’s and use those with the CQC DotNetViewer since I already own it.

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