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“Intro to HA” Webinar

Post on this CQCForum thread if interested, I’m doing bimonthly webinars to spread the HA gospel.


From that post:


Once we get 7-10 folks expressing interest, i’ll schedule one. I’d want to make sure we get at least a half dozen folks in any session, as I think folks learn more when they hear other people’s questions.
Welcome to the “Intro to HA using CQC & the Elk Automation Panel” webinar.

This online webinar & teleconference is designed to be a 100 minute overview as to how to perform HA & HT using CQC and the Elk automation panel. It is targeted to the newbie who wants to know how to do HA. It is not recorded as it generally sucks to try and synch up the audio teleconference and the video, besides it creates a whopping big file. Since we do it every 6-8 weeks, it’s not that big a deal to catch the next one.

There is a dialin phone # and listening is critical as that’s where the information is disseminated. If someone out there knows how to bridge telephone and VoIP, we may be able to beg Helheim for his TeamSpeak server so that you can use your PC to listen in.

There is no “HA 201” as that’s what our monthly user group webex’s are designed to be.

Requested but not mandatory prep
1) Read chapter 1 of this doc – i’ll be referencing that during the intro. (http://www.myhometheaterpc.com/downloads/A%20Case%20Study%20in%20Setting%20up%20an%20HA-HT%20system.pdf] )
2) As many of the tutorial videos as you can stand. There’s 24 of them now, ideally watch all 4 of the installation ones and the first 2 of the action, event, and graphical interface sections. That’s 10 total. (http://www.charmedquark.com/Web/Learn/Tutorial/TutorialVideos.htm )

“Intro” (15 mins)
This portion will familiarize you with how I did HA, what bits of which programs I used where to accomplish my goals.
– My personal reasons for HA, my architecture (5mins)
– Overall system components overview (15mins)
CQC High-Level Overview & when to use each program(10 mins)

“Applied Theory” (60mins)
(this portion will help you understand what to do after you finish installing it on your PC, and how to make it do what you want to do. I’ll cover the major aspects, as each person is likely to have different goals)
– CQC Admin Interface (how to tell CQC what hardware and software you have)
– CQC Interface Building (how to create an interface to display and control your hw/sw)
– CQC Event Engine (scheduled events like HVAC, triggered events like IR receipt)
– CQC Media Repository Engine (aka CDs and DVDs)

“Theory of Elk” (10mins)
– Setting up an Elk/ElkRP overview
– Setting up Automation rules inside the Elk

“Elk/CQC Integration” (20 mins)
– Getting the Elk and CQC to work together to accomplish something based on a physical occurence (ie, turn off all the A/V & HVAC & … if the security system is armed. Turn on a light if there’s motion/closet door is opened)


2 Responses to ““Intro to HA” Webinar”

  1. I would be interested in your next webinar, when do you plan on having one??

  2. IVB said

    Check the charmedquark.com forums at http://www.charmedquark.com/vb_forum/index.php for the latest. I have a recording of one that went pretty well in my sig, plus there’s a CQC Users Group webinar on 8/30 at 8:30am PST.

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