IVB\’s Home Theater and Home Automation

You don\’t have to spend a lot for that smarthome.

My Links

Places I think you need to see:

www.myhometheaterpc.com – my personal website with all the information you could ever want. No running commentary, though.

 www.charmedquark.com – The software engine i'm using to drive this whole thing

www.vladstudio.com – Where I get all my lovely backgrounds for my screens.

http://sourceforge.net/forum/?group_id=165276 – Theater@Home, a new open source video database application.

Other H/T or H/A blogs

http://leveragetech.info – Ken's HT / HA blog (he also uses CQC)

http://blog.weshill.com/ – Wesley J's HT blog

http://pappacherry.blogspot.com/ – ABSiNTH's HT blog


3 Responses to “My Links”

  1. Joe said

    I have a CI business and I would like to offer my clients a customizable solution. I read a lot about CQC and Mainlobbby on the forums. You have a lot of experience with CQC. Have you had any experience with Mainlobby. From installer point of view Mianlobby looks more attractive. I emailed Dean few times and got his perspective. I would like to also get your perspective too.

  2. IVB said

    Yes, I actually tried MainLobby every 3-4 months for 2 years, until I went with CQC in August ’05. I also have researched it a decent amount, and noted people’s different posts on a variety of the forums.

    In a nutshell, I think it’s got it’s place and market, but it’s meant more for single-box systems that don’t really do a lot. I know that folks are using it for bigger installs, but if you attend one of the “Intro to HA using CQC/Elk” webinars, you’ll see what a real system looks like. It’s basically like being real happy driving an upper end Pontiac, and then sitting in a BMW or Benz. Sure, they both get you where you want to go, but you can tell one is just made better and won’t fall apart as you push it.

  3. Chuck said

    I wish you were still around, I would help write a joint Home Theater Seating article with you. If you ever get interested in starting back up, please let me know.

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